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Spam Poses More Malware and ID Theft Risks
Jul 13, 2009
A Microsoft Outlook “update” was used as bait to lure PC users to specially crafted phishing sites. Early this June 2009, we received reports of phishing emails informing users to reconfigure their Microsoft Outlook applications through an online procedure.

Windows 7: How Secure Is the New Microsoft OS?
Jun 30, 2009
The soon-to-be-released Windows 7 incorporates user feedback from beta users and has complete features, contrary to rumors that Microsoft is holding back a secret feature or a radical change. But with all its new features and enhancements that address issues Windows users experience, has Microsoft finally addressed the security issues that have been bogging its OSs for years now?

There May Be a Worm in Your Apple: Mac Malware Threats
Jun 16, 2009
Apple supporters can be equally passionate about the lack of need for security software. But are Macs really inherently safe, hence the lack of need for security software? The answer is “no.” The current security of the Mac platform, while true, is built on a set of premises that could be fatally undermined at any given time.

Scorching-Hot Summer Threats
June 01, 2009
Cybercriminals attack at the most opportune of times, leveraging the busiest online retail seasons each year to launch ingenuous social engineering scams. Trend Micro has identified some of the biggest threats that take advantage of summer, an "important season for the social agenda of individuals."

Nothing Micro About Micro-Blogging
May 18, 2009
While incredibly useful and addicting for most, Twitter has had its share of attacks and history of abuse. Restrictions in avenues that can be used to post updates have not stopped the explosive growth of Twitter profiles all over the world. Cybercriminals, however, are close on its heels.

Facebook in the Face of the Next Wave of Cybercrimes
May 08, 2009
Facebook, one of the most popular social-networking sites in the world, has a whopping 200 million members. A Wired Magazine article has been quoted as saying, "It took 20,000 years for the world population to reach 200 million people. It only took Facebook five." As such, it has become one of hackers' favorite victims.

In-season Crimeware: Driven by Anxiety, Inspired by Fear
April 21, 2009
The global economy has a long history of downturns (and we always find our way up) that began during the late 1700s. These events are triggered by various factors such as deflations and hyperinflations, oil crises, stock market collapses, even wars and national security threats. The dire state of the global economy now started in December 2007. At the tail of things, a different kind of economy is establishing itself amid these hard times. Enter the economy of the digital underground.

Secure Your Mobile Data
April 08, 2009
While mobile devices increase efficiency, they also pose new risks to organizations as confidential corporate and personal data could be lost when the device is misplaced or stolen. Moreover, mobile devices pose a new set of challenges because they are often disconnected from the internal network for extended periods and do not have a fixed location.

Mobile Malware Threats: What's Real, What's Not, and What To Do About It
March 23, 2009
Malware threats on cellular phones have tended to concentrate on phones using the Symbian platform, largely because it has a significant lead in market share. Windows Mobile phones have also come under attack more recently, as the increased popularity of the said mobile operating system has also made it a more prominent target for cybercriminals.

DOWNAD Mixes Old and New Techniques
March 9, 2009
DOWNAD (which is also known by the detection names DOWNADUP and CONFICKER) combines the old and the new to make its mark as one of the more notable outbreak worms in an era where cybercriminal activities gravitate toward profit through information-stealing operations like phishing and spyware attacks.

Smart Protection Network Triple Anti-threat Technologies Against WALEDAC
February 23, 2009
Speculated to be connected to the infamous STORM botnet, the WALEDAC worm had the makings of a malware capable of creating a botnet composed of thousands of systems. The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network breaks down these multi-component and sophisticated threats piece by piece, and analyzes them, to extract every possible piece of useful information about the threat and completely secure users from it.

Love in the Time of Malware
February 09, 2009
Virus creation was necessarily fixated to notoriety. Writers might have also seen it as a medium through which they could express their thoughts to the public. The aim to cause destruction, coupled with the entertainment brought by personal expression, may have led virus writers to make their malicious files in a certain way, love unfortunately of course being everyone's favorite topic.

Smart Protection Network: Tomorrow's Antivirus Today
January 28, 2009
Users are desperately in need of a lighter, faster security solution that would cover all possible threat vectors. The launch of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network in June of 2008 presented a new kind of way in dealing with threats. Released with the tagline, “Security Made Smarter,” the technology created high expectations from users, as well as exciting challenges for us. So what is it exactly that makes Smart Protection Network the smarter security solution?

New Threats for New Year
January 01, 2009
Last year was a year of survival, exploration, and innovation for Web threats. Cybercriminals used tried and tested techniques or improved on already familiar ones to infect PCs, steal user credentials, and perform other malicious activities online. The worst threats of 2008 used the Internet as infection vector. The fast-paced nature of the Internet, however, also provides cybercriminals with new opportunities for attack. In 2009 and in years to come, new threats will evolve parallel to the technological developments in the Web.